What we do

We offer independent, innovative solutions focused on energy consumption, energy storage and the generation of energy. We combine our innovative products with extensive service and proactive advice. Doing so, we achieve energy efficiency and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Who are we

We are your partner for all energy-related questions. With a personalised, eco-friendly and innovative way of working, we generate effective solutions for energy savings. We aim to create a successful and long-term partnership to achieve ambitions in the field of sustainability.

The Scholt Energy Services philosophy

Personal, sustainable and innovative

What do we do?

Energy Scan

We give our customers insight into their energy consumption and highlight opportunities for energy saving. In addition, we look for possibilities to reduce energy costs. With our approach, we provide independent reports and assist large energy consumers in completing their four-yearly energy audits.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

We take care of solar PV-installations for our customers. Our customers consume renewable electricity and save energy costs at the same time. An investment is not necessary because of our lease option. The management and maintenance of the solar panels is also fully taken care of.

Energy Storage

Energy storage is the future. Storing electricity in batteries can substantially lower energy bills. Together with our partners, we also make the demand for heating more sustainable, thereby reducing costs and gas consumption.

Demand Response

We give our customers tailored advice on how to optimise their energy consumption. By purchasing electricity at favourable times and consuming it flexibly, the market can be optimally used and energy costs can be cut.

Who are we?

Scholt Energy Services supplies products and services to the commercial energy market in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. With our personalised, eco-friendly and innovative approach, we always seek the best solutions enabling our customers to achieve maximum energy efficiency. We provide innovative solutions and give independent advice. Always to benefit our customers, which translates into a successful, long-term partnership.


We are a family business and that sets the tone of our service. Our customers have a trusted and knowledgeable point of contact. We provide everyone with tailor-made advice backed by individual rationale.


We use our products and services to help our customers achieve their ambitions in the area of sustainability. As well as cutting energy costs, this approach means we can work together to attain a CO2-neutral society.


We realise that each situation calls for a unique approach. That’s why we closely follow developments in the energy sector. Using our years of experience and innovative products, we provide custom-made solutions.

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